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Audio Blog [25 May 2003|04:31pm]
My Audio Blog is up again with some new entries. It should be up for the next several days.

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Scam Artist [24 May 2003|03:10pm]
TEL: 234-1-7765889
Fax: 234-1-7598820
DATE: 26/05/2003

ATTN: President/Ceo

I am DR GEORGE THOMAS, the Certificate issuing officer of the Diplomatic
Security Company Lagos State, Nigeria in West Africa. With due respect and
regard, I have decided to contact you on a business Transaction that will be
very beneficial to both of us.

In the course of our end of the year routine work, I discovered an unclaimed
certificate of deposit in a file owned by a foreign depositor. In the
Deposit certificate issued to the depositor who is resident in Nigeria, the
contents of the Trunk Boxes deposited with us indicated jewelries and
personal effects. In view of the fact that the period of deposit is about
expiring, I now made some efforts to locate the depositor, who was a very
successful business entrepreneur in the oil country Nigerian in order to
know when he would come up to claim these boxes.
Information I gathered upon my inquiry through United Nation Humanitarian
organ in Nigeria revealed that he died on September 11th terrorist bomb
explosion in United States. He died while he was trying to organize his
business abroad.

Ever since he died no one has come forward to claim these trunk boxes, which
I later discovered was containing, cash totaling US$17,500.000.00.
million, Five Hundred thousand United States dollars. Now that it is
established that no one is coming to claim these Boxes, I need your
assistance since you are a foreigner to claim these boxes from our
INTERNATIONAL CLEARING OFFICE as the bonafide next of kin to the deceased.
It is important we do this urgently because the expiring date within which
period the boxes would be
claimed according to the Deed of contract of the deposit is approaching. By
virtue of my position in office being the certificate-issuing officer I am
capable of effecting some changes in the original papers with which these
boxes were
deposited. I can do this without any problem or you involving in any form of
risk at all until the claim is successfully made. I will retire as soon as
this arrangement is concluded, and I am also making arrangements to come
over to your country for investment plan.

Please co-operate to enable me achieve this golden opportunity, that rarely
comes in ones lifetime. Furnish me with your Telephone and fax numbers for
quicker communication. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be
entitled to 25% of the total sum gratification, while 10% will be set aside
to take care of expenses that may arise during the time of transfer, while
65% will be
for my partners and me Urgent response is highly awaited through this-mail:
geothomas@ecplaza.net or you can contact me directly through this phone
number; 234-1-7765889.

Thanks in anticipation.


Mr.George Thomas.

I would really like to mess with this guy's head.
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Hmmm.... [10 May 2003|07:46am]
Drank too much last night. That can happen in Vegas.

Shit. It's better than Boise.
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On the fly [03 May 2003|12:59pm]
I just went out to buy two books: The Brothers Karamazov, and Siddhartha. This made me feel very smart. When I got home, I realized that my fly had been open the whole time.
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Salsa Dancing [03 May 2003|06:06am]
I learned how to do Salsa dancing last night. The music they used to teach us had a syncopated beat, which made it very difficult. But, oh, the way those girls moved their hips. Yikes!
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More audio blog stuff [29 Apr 2003|11:36am]
All of my audio blog entries may now be found here:

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Audio Blog -update [17 Apr 2003|09:11pm]
I have made a few entries from my audio blog available online:



http://www.idabohemian.net/sushiwatermelon.mp3 (on this one you may have to turn up the volume)

Let me know what you think! (all 4 of you ;))
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Thailand [13 Apr 2003|05:15pm]
Does anybody know any good journals in Thailand? I didn't pay my livejournal bill this month so I can't search for them.
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Audio Blog is up on Freenet [12 Apr 2003|08:04pm]
For those of you who can use Freenet, the 2nd edition of my audio blog is up on Freenet: SSK@x46UvdWdLInKPyvVQGdh2jKyuEIPAgM/cafegernika/2//

It has 3 entries so far.
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Audio Blog [10 Apr 2003|09:00am]
I'm going to start an audio blog. Audio can be sooo much better than text, especially with background music ala This American Life. Unfortunately, I can't afford to run a server to serve the audio, so I'm going to put my entries on Freenet (http://www.freenetproject.org/tiki-index.php). Really this is not unfortunate because Freenet is great and everybody should use it. I would be interested in people's experiences in other countries using Freenet (namely people in China).
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Down and Out Writers [07 Apr 2003|11:35pm]
Knut Hamsun is the best down and out writer ever. It is great that I've found him just when I'm having one of those years when nothing goes right.

His writing is filled with mocking self pitty and endless, pointless pride.

I have read a lot of online journals and it seems like a lot of people can just go on and on about their daily lives. I would really like to meet these people in real life because I have so many ideas about them. For example, I bet that the people who can go on and on are really talkative in person, but it is impossible for me to know for sure. I have all of these assumptions in my head about everybody's journal and I will never know if any of them are true.

I have noticed that my journal entries vary widely from others'. Most people seem to give a detailed and interesting description of a period of their life, be it a day, an hour, or a week. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but my entries seem to be more about ideas, and more structured. For instance, I like to take a theme and write about it (winning/loosing stories for example). Of my own writing, my favorite is a piece I wrote just about food/restaurants/girls. It had a very strict structure. In a way, the structure set me free. I was able to add on piece by piece, like building something with legos. Each piece could be moved around, repositioned for effect.

Take my writing tonight for example: about my daily life, you are not getting much. You might be able to tell that I'm having some trouble, but that's about it. Although I'm still writing about myself, I'm not writing about what I do, I'm writing about how I think. For me (and this is just for me) I feel I have wasted my time if there is no underlying message to my writing. What is the point of writing something if, when taken as a whole, the sum is not greater than the parts? What is the point of writing if no one else will read it? That is also why I write. My first creative writing was in the form of letters to girls. Writing for an audience not only provides motivation but inspiration. Writing in the hopes of having an audience is unfortunately not quite enough for me which is probably why I don't post on here a lot.

I think a good exercise for me would be to describe a scene from each day. So I will start tonight:

I smoke in front of my house, pacing back and forth. It hurts my throat a little as I take in each short drag. If I breath in too much, I get dizzy and have to sit down, so I am carefull just to take short puffs. Today the sun was bright for the first time in days, and the glinting brass heron weathervane on the house across the street flew towards the southeast. My cigarrette is half-gone now, and I feel about it the way I feel about a break at work: gone too quickly and not refreshing. With so much time on my hands these days, I have to carefully control my thoughts in order to steer away from obsessive thinking. These little smoke breaks are the most dangerous time. I can easily, unconsciously slip down into a dust devil of thought that takes just the slightest bit of effort to get out of, but effort it is nonetheless. Now the cigarrette is burning down to the butt, and I bend down to put it out on the edge of the sidewalk. I have nowhere else to put the butt except on the bumper of my pickup. My only hope is that they will fall off when I drive to work, and never be seen again.

PS -- Leylop I don't know if you are reading this but I think you should comment on my winning story; I wrote it for you specifically.
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OK [04 Apr 2003|07:46pm]
I have a little bit of hope back now. But after seeing a total moron working at HP as an Oracale Developer while I was pushing printers around for $8.00/hr I'm still a little demoralized.
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Hmm. [26 Mar 2003|02:42pm]
I wonder if it was something I said...
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I left my shoes in San Francisco. [25 Mar 2003|08:33pm]
No, really, I did. You never know how handy your sneakers are until they're gone.
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A (winning?) story [24 Mar 2003|05:59am]
When I was in high school, there was a girl I liked. Her name was Carmen. She played the flute in the school band, and I played the violin in the school orchestra. Once we even played a duet together at a school concert.

I think we both liked each other a lot. From junior high to high school, we talked to each other a lot in the instrument room, on school trips, when we met at street fairs or wherever we met. I even went with her to a Shakespeare play (it was cold so we shared the same blanket).

At one point, she was giving me a ride to school every morning because I had wrecked my truck in a stupid accident. I would cook scrambled eggs for her so that when she arrived she would have something to eat (Usually she was late though, and they got all dry and stringy).

After school one time, she gave me a ride home. I invited her to come inside and we both went into my room. (Sorry, no naughty behavior here). We talked for a while, and then she said she had to go. In the next few weeks I noticed that I didn't see Carmen as often as I had been in the past. In fact I saw her less and less, and noticed she was hanging out with a guy that smoked and played the saxophone and was in a ska band.

I found out from a mutual friend that that day when Carmen and I were talking in my room, I had said (sarcastically )"I'm a pretty cool guy" or something like that and she had at that point decided that wasn't interested in me anymore. Apparently she thought I was being serious, and so to her I looked like an ass.

I was devastated to find this out. How could she think that I could be so arrogant after she knew me for so long? Next I was furious. Next I was calm.

I plotted my revenge almost subconsciously.

There was a formal dance coming up in which guys have to ask girls to go to the dance and everybody has to dress up in formal clothing. I was not going to ask Carmen. I was going to ask Rachel, who played the oboe, instead. I liked Rachel, but even so, she was not by any means as beautiful and charming to me as Carmen.

I had to choose the most romantic way possible to ask Rachel to the dance. I decided that I would read aloud to her a love sonnet by Shakespeare, but modify the last two lines to ask her to go to the dance with me.

One morning, when I had the poem with me, I was putting my violin away in the instrument room and I heard the sound of a flute practicing scales in the practice room. I knew that it was Carmen. She often came early to school and practiced her flute. I slipped into the practice room, got her attention, then read aloud the poem to Carmen in a booming poetic voice.

After I was finished, she smiled broadly and said that that was so sweet.

Then I said "Yes, isn't it? I'm going to read it to Rachel."

A few weeks later, after the dance, I was studying math at my friend Fatima's house. Her father is Iranian and came into the room every 10 minutes to make sure no hanky panky was going on. Anyway, Fatima and I got onto the subject of Carmen. I was whining that I liked her but she didn't like me and I didn't know why.

Fatima told me that I had been cruel to Carmen. I honestly had no idea why Fatima thought I had been cruel to Carmen. Then she told me the reason was because of the poem. Carmen had thought that I'd read the poem to her first in order to trick her into thinking that I was actually asking her out to the dance. At the time I'd had no such intention, but I realized in Fatima's room that it really looked like that was what I was doing.

Oddly, at that point I started to feel good (this is where I win). Not only did I find out that Carmen still liked me a little (enough to think that I would ask her to a dance), I had also hurt her a lot by reading her that poem. Hurting her made me feel good. Revenge, though not intentional, is still revenge.
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Irons in the Fire [21 Mar 2003|08:07pm]
Knut Hamsun wrote a novel called "Hunger." It is a strange novel about a young man who has nothing, and wants nothing except to earn a living by writing. In the beginning, there is a scene in which the narrator pawns his waistcoat in order to give a cripple enough money to buy some milk. The cripple suspects him of some sort of trickery. This infuriates him:

"Did this old fool imagine I was really as poor as I looked? Hadn't I just as good as begun my ten-kroner article? On the whole, I had no fears for the future; I had many irons in the fire. What business was it of this heathen savage if I helped him out on such a marvelous day?"

That was how I felt yesterday when I was helping a trucker unload his truck at the Shopko distribution center. He asked "Are you on some sort of involuntary vacation or something?" To which I replied that I was on the kind of vacation where I was looking for work. He said sarcastically, "Yeah. Why else would you be doing temp work?"

At the time I laughed it off, but it started to anger me later. I do have many irons in the fire, and that guy has no idea of what I'm capable.

I have discovered that I really like reading books about writing. I used to think that they were the silliest books of all. It seemed some sort of recursive, self-fulfilling occupation: writing about writing. Now I'm starting to see that these are the purest novels.

Shanghai Baby is another one of these books. The novel appears to be about the author writing a novel, but really it is about the struggle to create meaning for one's self, and to find one's self.
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A losing story [21 Mar 2003|03:10pm]
Have you ever noticed that some people always tell "winning" stories about themselves while other people always tell "loosing" stories about themselves? I am one of the people who always tell loosing stories about myself. I have found upon reflection that in general, all of my winning stories involve tricking or taking advantage of other people, which I don't think is nice so I guess its why I don't tell a lot of winning stories.

So I will tell a loosing story.

Recently, I sold my PS2 along with 4 games on ebay. The winning bidder (actually the friend of the winning bidder who was using the winning bidder's account to participate in the auction) estimated the shipping cost without asking me what I thought it would be first and included in his lump sum payment of $112. Being the nice guy that I am, I said that I didn't think that the included shipping would be enough and said I would ship it to him anyway and tell him what the total cost came out to be later so he could send me the rest. Long story short, he has not sent me the rest (it came out to be about $8.79 more than he paid), and it does not appear that he intends to send it to me in the future.

I really don't have anything else to do right now except bug him about the money he owe's me (it is a good way to pass the time during my unemployment). Here are the emails we've exchanged up to this point:

There are three principle parties in this transaction: myself, Todd Garron, and Jeff Highcove.

Myself to Jeff Highcove (owner of winning bidder account)---

Hi, I'm getting ready to ship the PS2. I was told to e-mail you about this by Todd Garron. He has apparantly paid already, but I think the shipping is going to be about $15 more than he accounted for. If you want, I'll check and get back to you. If you're OK with an extra $15 right now, just send it to my paypal account.


Jeff Highcove---

I'll tell Todd. By the way when did this ship?


Thanks for that. It shipped yesterday

Jeff Highcove---

Thank you.


Hi, I still haven't gotten that 8.79 from Todd. Could you send me his email address?

Jeff Highcove---

I guess you didn't get his e-mail. He wants to make sure that you have sent it prior to sending you money. Once he receives it he will get it to you.


No, I have not received such an email from Todd.

Jeff Highcove---

Did you send the Playstation yet?


I sent the playstation on the 3rd of March.

myself to Todd Garron (Recipient of PS2)---

Hi Todd,

My delivery confirmation number shows that the PS2 has been delivered, so could you send me the rest of the shipping cost ($8.79)?


Todd Garron--- No reply

myself to Jeff Highcove---

Hi, it appears that Todd has recieved the playstation (based on the delivery
confirmation number). I contacted him about the $8.79 and received no
response. Could you let him know that he needs to send me that money?


Jeff Highcove---


I believe he sent you an email. I will let him know. Just for the record,
by E-Bay rules he doesn't owe you anything. You picked the option of using
a fixed shipping cost. You could have used the option of "buyer pays actual
shipping costs". I will let him know however it is now between the two of
you. If I were you I would just chalk it up to a learning experience.


He hasn't sent me an e-mail. Also, I went to the auction
([ebay auction number]) and looked and it says:

Shipping: Buyer pays for all shipping costs. Will ship to United States

He has not paid for all shipping costs.

Jeff Highcove---

myself to Todd Garron---

Hi Todd, I just wanted to let you know that you are committing an illegal act called theft. Its because of immoral people like you that poverty exists.

Todd Garron---

Get your head out of your ass and smarten up [myself]! You estimated the final shipping cost of $12 and thats what I paid. Do a little more research on poverty and I'm sure you will find "theft" is not the leading cause!

myself to Todd Garron---

There are many ways to rationalize theft, and apparantly you've found one for yourself. You agreed to pay the full cost of shipping, and you haven't paid it. Its that simple.

Jeff Highcove to myself---

What the fuck are you doing? I sent my reply to square trade(or what ever
it is). Just so you know I bear no responsibilities to actions taken by you
or Todd. However, if I have a negative feedback from you, you will face the
same negative feedback. I have a 100% positive feed back and you only have
3 auctions. Who are people going to believe screwed up me or you/

myself to Jeff Highcove---

I just checked the status of the case and it says that squaretrade is still
waiting for a response from you. As to whether or not you bear any
responsibilities, you are the owner of the account which won the bid. I
have read your feedback. It was all quite positive, which is one reason why
I was so surprised when you blew me off with your "chalk it up to
experience" e-mail. Ebay is based on trust between buyers and sellers. I
trusted that I would be paid the full shipping costs when I mailed package
before receiving full shipping costs (which I did in order to get the
package to Todd faster). That trust has been betrayed.

Jeff Highcove to myself---

I sent a response to squaretrade before I e-mailed you. In most cases
sellers chose the most economical means of shipping. Sellers usually don't
try to screw the buyers in shipping matters. I've now learned the I can't
turst people in Idaho.

myself to Jeff Highcove---

If you can send me proof that I could have gotten a shipping rate that cost
less I will concede the difference.

I used USPS parcel post. The weight of the item was 8 lb 5.4 oz. The cost
came to $20.79 + insurance and taxes.


As of now I have not received a better shipping rate from Jeff. I have to admit that I've enjoyed our little tiff. It is fun to watch as Todd and Jeff try to rationalize their way out of dishonesty and theft. It is an intersting commentary on human nature.

So technically this is a loosing story because I'm out $8.79. But it has almost been worth it for the entertainment value.
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Blast from the Past (so to speak) [20 Mar 2003|03:22am]
This is an entry in my journal from Jan. 16, 1991 (I was 12):

Today is Wednesday. We are bombing Bagdad. Supid, people are being killed by my own country and it shames me.

----I think I'll put the rest of the entry in here, though it's not topical-----

I finished King Aurther and his Knights today, it has a sad ending. I think that I'm doing very well on my math test. I did fairly on my spelling test. My boomerang worked. My solo was kind of scratchy. I made a mistake at the beginning and had to start over. I had reading homework. I went sledding with Josh, who says that his mom has won 20 million dollars and has a 35 feature swiss knife. He brags a lot! I practiced my violin 50 minutes.
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Bugs [15 Mar 2003|03:57pm]
The arrival of insects in the spring has always caused me a lot of consternation, until recently. The reason I have changed my mind is because I have taken up fly fishing. Now, when I see bugs I think about all the fish that will be looking for bugs. Hmm. This entry is shorter than I thought it would be :)
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Themes [06 Mar 2003|08:44pm]
Persons who will things intensely are very apt to be helped by chance.


Though their attitudes were elegant and their movements graceful, their faces lacked frankness; it was easy to see that they belonged to a world where polite manners form the character from early youth, and the abuse of social pleasures destroys sentiment and develops egotism.


Nothing is more mortifying to young girls, or, indeed, to all the
world, than to see a piece of mischief, an insult, or a biting speech,
miss its effect through the contempt or the indifference of the
intended victim.


There is nothing more calming or uplifting than reading things that are true.

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